I Don’t Know What Got Into Me.. I Woke Up This Morning So Pissed,

‘Cause I Looked In The Mirror And Noticed That Faded Tattoo On My Wrist.

 I’ve Tried Covering It Up..It Keeps Coming Back To Haunt Me,

Guess These Fucking Demons Get Jealous When They Notice Happiness Wants Me.

‘Cause They Don't Seem To Quit,

All They Do Is Make Me Sick,

Wish They’d Choose Someone Else To Fuck With But With Me They Sure Commit.

It’s Been 7 Years Since I’ve Escaped That Awful World,

One That Belonged To The Devil Where I Once Met This Girl.

One Night Was Enough.. I Wanted To Go Home And Be Peaceful,

Never Thought My Life Would End Up Being Taken Over By Evil.

I Was Stuck In A Relationship With You For Over 2 Years,

Because I Couldn’t Walk Away And I Was Always In Tears.

Not Only Did I Stay Because I Was Afraid Of Your Anger,

You Had A Daughter I Cared About That You Kept Putting In Danger.

No One Will Ever Get What This Shit Was Like,

The Baby And Me Having To Live With This Psych.

When She Was Mad She Would Slap Me,

Told Me One Day She Would Stab Me,

Always Fucking With My Head, In My Thoughts Is Where She Trapped Me. 

I Remember The Night The Baby Was Sick And Couldn’t Sleep,  

The Same Night I Found Out You Were A Liar And A Sneak,  

I Could’ve Sworn You Laid With Us And Helped Us Count Sheep,  

But You Snuck Out And Met Up With Your Ex So You Can Cheat.

I Tried To Leave Her Once And I Told Her It Was Over,

She Just Put The Blame On Me Then Cried So I Can Hold Her.

You Always Fucked With My Head,

With The Shit That You Said..

If I Tried To Leave Again I’d Find You And The Baby Dead.

That’s Where You Fucking Had Me, I Was Scared When You Acted Crazy,  

You Never Even Cared To Hurt Yourself And Bleed In Front Of The Baby.

I Lost Everything, My Faith, Trust, Freedom And Money,

Bitch I Even Had To Shave My Head So That I’d Always Feel Ugly.

All My Confidence You Took It,

I Was So Fucking Stupid!

How The Fuck Can Someone Like Me Stay With Someone So Abusive!?

If You Were Never Happy.. Then I Wouldn’t Be Either,

No Ones Knows How Many Fucking Times I Really Tried To Leave Her.

I Was Embarrassed To Tell People The Way I Was Living,  

Like You Beating Me In Front Of My Grandpa On Thanksgiving.

It Broke My Heart When We Had Nothing Like When We Lost The Lease,

You Made Me Pawn Special Gifts From Family Just To Keep Us Off The Streets.  

I Couldn’t Ask For Help,

Lost All My Friends..No One To Tell,

I Was Sick And Tired Of Me And The Baby Having To Live With You In Motels!

You Had No Family Around So You Were Jealous Of Mine,

Had Me Fight With Them On Purpose So Many Fucking Times.

She Wouldn’t Let Me Go... The Devil Is Who She Had To Be,

Especially When She Said: “They Had You For 22 Years And Now You Belong To Me” 

Finally One Day I Had Enough.. I Couldn’t Take It,

I Tried To Set Up A Plan To Leave You In Hell And I’d Escape It. 

But You Refused To Let Go,

And You Lost Control,

Started Beating Me So Bad, You Wanted To Destroy My Soul.

I Was Never The Type To Put A Hand On A Woman,

Wondered Why I Put Up With You I Never Understood It.

You Took My Credit Cards And Told Me You’d Use Them On Someone Else,

I Knew At That Moment I Was Gonna Need Some Fucking Help.

You Gave Me A Look... You Knew You Officially Lost Me,

I Still Dont Know How Many Fucking Kitchen Knives You Tossed Me.

I Tried To Pin You Down,

Without Making A Sound,

To Prevent The Cops From Coming To The Door And Knock It Down.

But You Were Just Too Strong...My Body Was Giving Up,

You Knocked Me To The Ground And Made Sure I Wouldnt Get Up.

A Bloody Face On The Floor,

You Felt Like I Needed More,

All I Wanted Was To Get Back Up And Run Out That Fucking Door.

I Kept Telling Myself That I Didn’t Wanna Die,

So I Got Up And Left Without Saying Goodbye,

I Was Finally Free And Couldn’t Believe I Survived,

But These Demons Still Followed Me And Took Over My Life.

For Years I Was Left With Depression And Trauma,

Ended Up In Relationships That Had Nothing But Drama.

I Was Lost, I Was Hurt And I Always Did The Most,

I Couldn’t Trust Any Woman That Ever Tried To Get Close.

I Was Too Scared To Sleep So My Nights Were Full Of Cocaine,

I Refused To See Your Face Again And Re-Live My Pain.

Here I Am 7 Years Later Writing About You,

About All The Shit You Did And What You Put Me Through,

I Was Broken For Too Long And It Was All ‘Cause Of You,

I’m Finally Healing.. Fuck, It Was Long Overdue.

Writing Music Everyday Hoping To Become A Producer,

Looking Forward To The Woman I’ll Marry In The Future.

She Will Never Have To Worry About The Shit That I’ve Been Through,

She’ll Be My World And The Only One I’ll Ever Commit To,

I Won’t Be Scared Of Love It’s Now Something I’m Into,

After All This Time I Still Fucking Choose To Forgive YOU!

  • Author: SLY (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 1st, 2018 03:21
  • Comment from author about the poem: A Very Traumatizing Time In My Life. Very Happy To Be Alive Today.
  • Category: Sad
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