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I was off to see my friend the lizard,

When I got caught in a blizzard,

In a stable I got in for shelter,

I met two horses and a mare.


They told me to get comfortable,

In their cosy little stable;

They asked me were I was going,

My answer was unknowing.


To OZ they advised me to go,

A wonderful place without snow;

They’ve got a wizard they told me,

He’s generous and gives wishes free.


The rain stopped and left the horses,

Thanked them and gave them a kiss;

Afterwards I met my friend the lizard,

Together we went off to see the wizard.


The lizard wanted to become any primate,

As for me I wished he’ll give me a mate;

I was always alone standing still in the fields,

Without an umbrella and without shields.


Do they do scarecrow ladies the lizard did ask,

I wasn’t sure if he could I know it was a big task.

No harm in asking I said hopefully and with spirit,

That is the only thing I wish for me I must admit.


At OZ everything thing seemed charming,

All was in order nothing was harming;

We found the wizard after our long haul,

We were surprised the wizard was a fireball!


I was afraid to go and near him and stayed back,

I was made of straw and dressed in a sack;

Don’t be afraid the wizard spoke through the fire,

Come near me you and tell me what you desire.


I wished to have a partner with me on the fields at work,

I asked to have a blonde scarecrow, intelligent not a jerk;

To have and to hold forever and ever until we burn away,

I will grant you the wish since you came from faraway.


Meeny meeny mayna moe said the wizard laughing through,

Go to your fields and she’ll be there waiting for you.

The lizard became a chimpanzee and lived happily ever after,

I had married the scarecrow and oh hell was that a disaster?


  • Lorna

    This is stark staring mad but a lot of fun............

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