What ifs?

How is it that you can see something in another person. Vibes, their aura, energy. Whatever you want to call it, and know there’s a connection there.

Everyone says they fall in. But is possible to fall out. Maybe instead of falling out, you just run out.

But when leaving and falling into another right after, is that fate or just lust. What’s the difference?

Could this be something and paths didn’t connect? Was the timing all wrong or is this perfect timing?

I say why not.
You say why.
I just go.
You don’t go.

What happens if this is it? If this is how far it goes? Took a night off and caught a glimpse at another energy that didn’t over shadow. But helped each other flourish together. It was so easy. That’s what scares me.
How easy it was with another. How hard it is now.

Up late nights thinking about the what if’s. Up late nights wondering what your doing.
Up late nights drinking and reminiscing about the good times.

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