A Man Directly After The Lord

No matter the sin,
no matter the situation,
I must, I will,
always strive to be,
a man after God's own heart.
I shall ask,
for forgivness when needed.
I shall always put Him first.
When I move,
I move with Jesus.
I represent His name.
To say, 'I will',
may sound skeptical.
To say, 'I will',
may sound as if,
I am doubting,
and I am not,
Nor do I doubt,
Jesus Christ,
The Son
of The True Living God.
I shall always,
put Him first,
and I shall prosper.
I shall spread,
His gospel,
so long as I know it,
and shall only,
spread the truth.
The Lord knows,
that I am,
a man after,
His own heart.
He knows no one is perfect.
For that reason,
we are under,
His grace and mercy.
His mercy...
For I am made,
righteous before His son,
so that I might,
be worthy and called,
to do the Lord's work.
Still, as long as I,
serve Him consistantly,
He will bless me consistantly.
Oh Lord,
manifest yourself to me.
Help me.
Give me boldness,
as I diligently seek You.
Let me speak,
only truth.

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