Where Can I Find You??

Maxine Smith

Can I find you here?
Can I find you there?
I look around and stare
While I scratch my hair
Did you really exist?
Or my mind playing tricks?
Where have you run to?
Would you like me to come find you?

I'm hiding in the dark afraid to come out and play
Do you really wish to find me or are you just lonely
Maybe I'm a trick made by your mind
Maybe a I'm a gift you must find

I'm a genie in a bottle, a Harliquinn in a mask
I'm a lover in your heart, a love that will last.
I'm hiding in the walls, I'm hiding in the sky
I'll be waiting for you and wonder why?
I'll see you through your teardrops
I'll see you through your fears
I'll see you through your handouts
Honey, it's lasted all these years.

As dreams I draw on stone in chalk
are washed away when troubles rain
and melting snow within my grasp
though sought I won’t be found .
My fire holds no fuel.

MAXINE ~ since I met you ~ There
ARE many ways in which I'll get you
X is a Big Number ~ and You'll find ME
I'll be in Front ~ Beside You ~ and Behind
NO MATTER where You go ~ or where You ever are
EXPECT ME MAXINE ~ to be there ~ because I really

Where can you find me?
Well let’s see...
On the island of Capri
Or perhaps visiting Lady Liberty
If not there mon ami
Try le Grand Palais de Paris
I could be with a Wallaby
In dear old Sydney
Or perhaps in the land of milk and honey
With my sweet honeybee.

Sometimes I have to hide
So you don't find me
As I'm a little shy
With all the world to see
When I'm brave and go out
I am good some days
And at times I've found
To be safe with fear away



    Sunbathin' on the Village Green !
    Lazin' grazin' on the BEACH
    These are places ME you'll reach
    It would really be quite a perk
    If you find ME ~ HARD AT WORK
    So keep on lookin' MAXINE DEAR
    You'll always find me VERY NEAR !
    Cada Dia ~ ABRAZOS y BESOS ~ BRIAN

  • rew4er2nail


    traipsing thru the pages of TIME Magazine, The Nation (another more candidly liberal American biweekly, or immersed in other enlightening material.

    The above would be applicable when not online, cuz this inquisitive chap (voluntarily holed up in this cozy one bedroom apartment located in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, USA), he enjoys the tactile experience asper printed material, whereby thy derriere comfortably numb athwart a padded folding chair.

    Now, a question for thee. Do you plan to look for all, some, one or none of the respondents?

  • aRCane

    silent and starving, i prowl through the labyrinth visions of your mind ... you can always find me there ...

  • YoDaPoe

    Nice, I liked that one a lot good job beautiful.

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