Strength In Adversity

Are we not hard-pressed,
on every side?
Yet we are not crushed.
When we are persecuted,
do not think we are forsaken.
God has not forsaken us.
There are times when we,
are struck down.
Still, we are not destroyed.
I know what it is like,
to be hungry.
I know what it is like,
to be fed.
There were times,
when I suffered.
Believe me.
I can name a few.
but there are also times,
more often then some,
when I prosper.
We must always be content.
There is no secret.
I can do anything,
so long as I have Christ.
Because it is He,
who gives me strength.
We should consider it good,
when we go,
through hard times,
and know that,
the test of our faith,
teaches and produces patience.
We must not fold,
under preasure,
or panick in adversity.
If we do,
then our faith is small.
How then can we be,
relied upon?
Why would we be called upon?
Was the Lord's command
to Joshua,
telling him to be strong,
not a command for all of us?
Has He not commanded us,
to have good courage?
Did He not tell us,
to not be afraid,
nor dismayed?
The Lord our God,
is with us,
wherever we may go.
We must not be afraid,
to stand out from the crowd.
We must know the time,
and when it is time,
we must open our mouths.
It is not wrong to judge,
but we MUST judge righteously,
and defend the helpless,
the poor, the needy,
the suffering,
those who are in pain.
Still, we must only do it,
in the name of the Lord.
We, His people,
must be strong,
with the Lord.
Because it was the Lord,
that has made us strong.

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