Christopher Aaron

Caitlyn Leaves Us

My niece was driving slowly around a curve

A thoughtless driver passed by and made her swerve

She lost control, the car rolled over on its side

Her body crushed, this fair young beauty died


Her parents... anxious and disturbed at her absence

They called their family, friends; all of them were tense

They prayed together… they knew that He could offer aid

But once occurred, He had not the power to waylay


A word at last! They prayed that they would finally see her

The words “no hope”, it was hard to let her go and free her

Now gone for days, the good word they had been awaiting

With these results there was no more hope of her locating


Her beaten body? Yes, that is what would be returned

But with no life...the thing for which all of them most yearned

The challenge now was to learn to live without her

All her family, friends, and unknowns totally adored her


Throughout our lives, there will always be someone missing

We pray for life, the tragedy we are all dismissing

The hardest part is not for the person who has left.

But those who stayed. They are the ones who are bereft.


We need to insure that good relationships are formed

That we love others, and have tender feelings that are warm.

Our time’s too short, there’s barely time to get to know each other

No time to criticize, advantage take, abuse and beat each other.


Let us bring every one we know into our hearts;

Them…listen to and love. That’s where the bonding all starts.

If one leaves, we’ll make a chain unbroken until death

A true friend we’ll have until our very last breath.





 ~~~c aaron  



  • Fay Slimm.

    Oh these words touch th every heart of grief at losing so suddenly one so loved - a worthy reminder my friend to make the best of time allowed and to feed love into each and everyone's hearts. A terrible tragedy and my prayers go out to all that are left. May Caitlyn rest now in peace.

    • Christopher Aaron

      Thanks for reading and your comments Fay. I wish that I could show these results to the drivers who spur this type of accident.

    • Laura


      First and foremost my sincere condolences to you and your family!

      An excellent write delivering a beautiful message...
      “Let us bring every one we know into our hearts
      Listen to and love them. That’s where the bonding all starts.”

      Thank you for sharing!


      • Christopher Aaron

        Thanks for your comments Laura- you know its been a couple of years now and my niece is still having difficulty working through this and accepting the reality of what’s happened. I really feel for her-

      • Maxine Smith

        Such an emotional read, you write beautifully, this is truly a heart felt piece of which touched me.
        Sending love to you and your family.

      • Christopher Aaron

        Thank you again for reading Maxine, and your comment. FYI the mother, after more than a year, is still having a hard time accepting what happened. Here is what I wrote for the parents right after --

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