Theta the scholar

What time of day do you feel alive?

- I truly exist in the night
when the day is done and the sun out of sight
- When the moon graces me with its light
And the wind accompanies it and feels divine
- When the creatures fill the air with soft sounds
I discover my soul in the night it's bound
- So if you wonder why I'm not in bed tonight
For it is around this time I feel alive

Come alive with a morning smile
Open your eyes and lay for a while
Absorb the comfort of laying still
Watch the condensation drip on the windowsill
Get ready to start your day
Exciting times, come what may

I feel alive come twilight,
it is calming and I am focused
as there is little light.
in these moments after dawn,
I study work and mind,
and go to bed with a fulfilling yawn.


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