Gott Oh Mighty,Trump iz on the Warpath!

(FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION A BIRTH WRITE)   Das Don Auld (can hard tank tucker son of Carl, and leave landscape barren) calling out rigged ken tuckered hoarfrost race, viz demolition derby presaging   death to White Anglo Saxon democracy DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) minions decry diplomacy, crass denunciation of Stacey Abrams   liberally Apple eyeing jingoistic rhetoric declare defamation directly upon disparate grass roots hegemony, hectoring, heckling, and harassing humble horse   sense, asper progressive democrats holstering, hitching vis a vis rays in the sky, no fault in our stars, harnessing healthy,   honesty, humility plowing, sowing, and tilling political terrain at expense tubby damnably cruelly, brutally, nagged, branded,   and whipped malevolently, mercilessly, and mischievously lambasted by fourth grade vocabulary level commander in chief exuding: haughtiness,   doughy bully pronouncing prescriptions provisioning one percent pampered population attending one tan man hat tin galavanting   ego inflating functions exploiting downtrodden under most class "dirt poor" bilked proletariat segment.   Pinnacle (topping Taj Mahal), now owns Birds eye bourgeoisie view, which informs hawkish word smiths, onlookers with powerfully pointed excel   lent access, sans zealous, Vociferous, uxorious tyrannical reigning Rex less lee pugnacious noxious loose xenophobic, jabberwocky, demagoguery laced jargon surly sucking,   quizzically, pugilistic-allied, outrageously punching imaginary nemesis, linkedin with instagram, snapchat twittering skulking arch   conservative enemies clandestinely undermining (bone a fide skulduggery) ambitions to turn back figurative clock, applauding, cobbling, count sole ling   commander in chief to reboot, remake, and retry to restore American (post world war II) hit parade soundtrack resonating   with ardent blatant bigotry, colored blinders, devilish foo fighting patriotism, nepotism, localism, gerrymandered, jury rigged Russian hijacked pollster precincts, nativism milking   titillating conspiracy theorists, denouncing radical ambidextrous righteous leftists, silencing second amendment agent challenges provocateurs, lake woebegone raconteurs,   and saboteurs infiltrating highest echelons with spooky intelligent poseurs, and green lighting one man plutocrat steamrolling aborted blackened civil disobedience (Thoreau Lee) walled in reproductive rights.

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