What is greed?

To me I think greed is an enemy

greed makes you do dumb things even to your family

it can make you mess up and become a menace to society



what is greed

greed is when you do anything you can to get power

greed makes you turn something real sweet sour

something like toxic waste

greed makes you wanna take out anything, and anyone who steps in your way

It's makes you want fame, but answer me this

what is there to embrace


it makes you want to go out and get more and more

when you know you're not in need

makes you wanna cause a stampede

what is this enemy called? go on say it with me,




what is greed?

it's something we all need to turn a blind eye to

having as a trait isn't a good trait to have

having greed as a trait is bad

greed is the devil in a different form

take that greed and transform

transform it into a good deed

fight temptations

have patience

and walk away from messed up temptations


what's that enemy called? go on, say it with me greed.





  • Author: yo_hommiecee (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 6th, 2018 08:36
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