November 6th 2018 - election day


Later today after
all votes get cast
post final countdown,
the winning candidates

ought to be known
way before break fast
cometh on the lanced
morrow (for champions),

my fingers and toes crossed,
that those donned diametrically
opposed to establishmentarian

(reed conservative
buttoned down
MAGA stalwarts) deemed
more dangerous than

beastie boys, or
foo fighting, Outkast
sans, these progressive forward
thinking Democratic activists

(purportedly threatening
gerrymandered territory,
where white Anglo Saxon
Protestant hegemony dominates

status quo regarding
dhow ting Thomas Nast
tee Donkeys as
hashtagged by Trump),

I pray these true
purring blue state
representatives clinch,
the majority to oust vast

Republican politicians cowed,
demeaned, and excoriated
for NOT fawning
prince supple lee,

nor paying expected
obeisance as mealy
mouth sycophants, that she
push hilly accede toward

belligerent, execrable,
and incriminating, nee
Machiavellian hot headed,
quasi coiffed,

donned, and puffed que
hair raising bully,
whose vindictive
uber lyft tartly tinged

tongue lashing,
they risk acerbic
punitive un re
lent ting vitriol stemming

from recalcitrance determined
by the fuhrer wannabe
wool shear lee be silenced
unless that bigoted,

"FAKE" man hat
tinned unabashed, unhinged,
and unruly
villainous president we

the village people nominated
to bulldoze zee
American free
dumbs, now made irrelevant!


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