Eyes as dark as the shade

Midnight can not evade

Sparkle forming an optical dance

Every step's gentle sway

Darted over my way

Whispered don't be so shy take a chance

She was dressed up to kill

As I died my free will

Floundered helplessly under her spell

Struggling to believe

I've forgot how to breathe

If there's love at first sight I just fell

From the little I know

She tries hard not to show

Battle scars on a soul beaming light

The last time she had dared

Angel kisses repaired

Blood drenched heartstrings cut off in the fight

When the trust did return

Slowing down to a run

Camouflage sought it's secretive place

Any doubters it's true

Only message to you

Have a look at her beautiful face


  • Christina8

    A wonderful poem, Stevie! Hopefully she's as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. Sounds like you went on quite a ride!

    • tepo

      Thank you Christina
      Appreciate the lovely words
      A wee gem

    • Michael Edwards

      Great work tepo ✔

      • tepo

        Thank you sir
        Was that a Lunar tick?
        Much appreciated

        • Michael Edwards

          I'll fink abaht it - I'll ask Arfur Tick.

        • Santita

          This is a spell-binding write. Brimming with beautiful imagery that pulls us into this painting of a poem. There is a sweetness and a loving, almost a healing of hearts in this that captivated me.

          Loved it!

          • tepo

            What a lovely comment
            Thanks Santita
            Greatly appreciated

          • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

            Beautifully descriptive of one who captured your heart from the beginning. Sounds like love to me.

            An excellent write, tepo.

            I had to laugh at your reply to Michael. Where you use "lunar tick," I often use "looney tick," when referencing some of our politicians. :-)

            • tepo

              Thanks Tamara
              The day I wrote this or just before
              Michael wrote a delightful poem
              Ending Luna ticks
              Truly appreciate your time

              • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

                Too funny!

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