w c

Bug Collection

Bug Collection


I had beetles and I had moths

Stuck with pins to not be lost

With their names underneath

Scientific and all unique


My friend’s was a bug collection

That made a really great impression

The ones he caught quite a sight

From a jar with lid on tight


There were butterflies too

Before the first norther came through

And they tried their best to stay

‘til the cold pushed them away 


One student had a fly 

Rather rare that she spied

And was given a perfect grade

For her collection really great


With each collection I recall

The many gems caught that fall

Some rare to ever see

Like a walking stick memory




  • orchidee

    A good write and pic w c.

    • w c

      Thanks, O. I appreciate your comment.

    • Lorna

      Very vivid wc! But bugs creep me out. I did once see a magical Lunar Moth stuck on the door of our room at a motel once....... I didn't go in until he felt like leaving first.........

      • w c

        Hi Lorna! Thanks for your comment. Don't feel alone, many are scared of bugs. Many bite or sting but those such as butterflies are sights to behold.

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