Poetic Dan

Happy tattoo day to me!

Fresh new printed ink
Washed in the sink

Six words appear

You are here
Live in love

Engraved to my bone
All that I need to know


  • Laura


    You really did it!
    It looks fantastic!
    A man who keeps his word!
    Admirable indeed!
    Thank you for sharing the visual!


    Great words to live by!

    Happy tattoo day to you, my friend!


    • Poetic Dan

      Thank you, I need to go back in 3 weeks and get some more white round edges and then in a few months it will look even better.

      Our words should be our bonds, without it we be like animals fighting in wars and dividing ourselves ;)

      Much love and respect

      • Laura


      • Christina8

        I am SOOOOO excited that you got my words of advice tattooed on one of your arms!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I should get the "live in love let go of fear" and we can be tattoo mates!! I need to let go of fear!! What an exciting day, so glad I logged on to see this!! Much love and respect to you---Christina

        • Poetic Dan

          I'm glad your day has been as exciting as mine, may every day continue and we be brave enough to face our fears.
          Thank you for being here on my journey

        • orchidee

          Looks good but, ooh, did it hurt? I would probably get a infection or something with my sensitive skin. Or faint before the tattooist even started!

          • Poetic Dan

            Lol, I'm very sensitive and it really hurt but that's part of it for me. I love the results after, not only do I learn to breathe through pain is worth it to. If you like that sort of thing

            • orchidee

              Erm, I breathed through it. Well, I tried to - but fainted! heehee.

            • Lorna

              Ouch ouch ouch but pretty cool!

              • Poetic Dan

                Thank you shouldn't take more than a week to heal up ;)

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