Aren’t you all getting sick and tired

of hearing/seeing news to the tune of

a pathetic white man with a gun?


Aren’t you all sick and tired

of seeing children murdered

in cold blood?


Aren’t you all sick and tired

of seeing college students

and adults

murdered in cold blood?


Aren’t you all sick and tired

of minorities being gunned down

because they are minorities?


Aren’t you all sick and tired

of pathetic white men being called lone wolves

and mentally ill because of the color of his skin,

and making the stigma that actual mentally ill people

are violent even worse than it already is?


Aren’t you all sick and tired

of being afraid for your life,

your child’s lives,

your friends and family

that are minorities?


Because, as a mentally ill minority,

I sure as hell am.

As a transgender person,

a WHITE transgender person,

my life expectancy is already only 40.

And that’s not because I’ll kill myself.


America is going to drown

in the spilled blood and grief from children,

adults, and minorities being murdered,

because people place their right

to carry assault weapons



Children should not have to go through active shooter drills.

Parents should not be involuntarily outliving their children.

Minorities should not have to fear for their lives.



It’s not rocket science.

It’s gun control laws.

No one wants to take away your guns.


We just want to live.


We just want to live.


  • Debsspot

    Well said. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. With each incident we here in Australia respect our gun laws more. The needless loss is so sad.

  • Cali Kittana

    I can't even explain how many fights I've gotten into over gun control. Even my own mother disagrees with how I think things should be fixed. Exactly, we don't want them ripped away from people, if you wish to own one, then fine. Own it to protect your family from real dangers. Armed robbers or things of that nature. Or if you're a hunter out during hunting season getting your deer for the year. Fine, you do you. But I see no reason why regular civilians need such dangerous weapons in their possession! And the process of accepting or denying someone a weapon is too short! There needs to be a stronger background check, a mental check, a waiting period! If you can't wait a week for your background checks to come through, then you don't really need the gun! This violence is getting crazy lately. It's only gotten worse within the past two years. (And I'm not blaming it on the current politics, but I'm also not saying the current politics are helping). People are losing their minds, especially here in the states!

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