Joe Dawson

Sex appeal

Notice of absence from Joe Dawson
I shall be away for quite some time. It's been great fun. Stay safe, stay well. Goodbye for now. Joe


She isn't especially outgoing, no scout

From Paramount on her tail, but there's

Something you can't buy for money, in her

Manner, her walk and her ways.


She ain't what you might call self-centred,

In fact, I would say that she's shy, but there's

Something that cries out 'she's got it', in

The way that she draws a man's eye.


She isn't too high or too mighty, although

Her reserve might mislead, what she has

Is a priceless possession, called raw,

Knock 'em dead, sex appeal.


© Joseph G Dawson


  • Goldfinch60

    There are some who just seem to be that way without eptrying to be, they are usually very nice people as well.

    • Joe Dawson

      You're absolutely right, warmest in the world I found and still do. Many thanks. Joe

    • Fay Slimm.

      Love it - yes love all the gorgeous romantic rhyming in this little tribute to those who have IT - great read Joe.

      • Joe Dawson

        In my experience dear Fay, I find most ladies, if not all ladies, have an abundance of that mysterious quality called IT. Many thanks, Joe

      • Jooles

        Love don't have to flashy, half naked or insanely pretty to hold the wow factor.. gives us all hope lol

        • Joe Dawson

          Your are perfectly right, in my experience the shine is from within and has extraordinary power - it is a light like no other. Many thanks, Joe

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