Kurt Philip Behm

The Joy I'm Without

I walked with Colby,

 he never walked with me


His spirit to guide us,

 his love in the lead


We circled the globe

 a time and a half


His tail was my compass

 to guide us steadfast


In all kinds of weather

 we stuck to the trail


Under sunshine and rain

 our forays prevailed


In May of last year

 he collapsed on our walk


And with valor he tried

 but his body would balk


Its been downhill since then

 with him not knowing why


The knowing inside me

 his neuropathy slide


I knew it was coming

 as he struggled to stay


And he fought till the end

 on this very sad day


As I looked in his eyes

 for the last final time


Willing to give up my life

 for his health to revive


The fates were against us

 his clock had run out


The pain in his parting

 —the joy I’m without


(Villanova Pennsylvania: November 9th, 2018)

 ‘Today, I lost The Best Friend I Ever Had’



Shared Light


Let others inside you,

 as reflection begins


Your truth like a mirror

 that calls from within


(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2018)





  • Laura


    I’m truly and sincerely saddened by the loss of THE BEST FRIEND YOU EVER HAD...COLBY! My deepest sympathies and condolences my dear friend! There’s only one comforting thought in my mind...
    No More Suffering For Him!


    • Kurt Philip Behm

      Thanks Laura. What's comforting is that Neuropathy
      has no pain attached to it, you just lose the ability to stand
      or walk. Up until Monday, it was episodic, but then it became
      permanent, and he stopped eating 4 days ago.

      I wrote all my books—every one—on our walks together through
      my I-Phone Voice Recorder. We walked 8-10 miles every day and
      last year surpassed 30,000 miles. Colby would have been 14 this
      coming Christmas Day.

      I was told about the magic of Labs, and then read Marley & Me.
      I can personally attest that every word written about Labrador
      Retrievers is true.

      I've never known love like the love I got from Colby, and I'll never
      stop missing him or truly get over his loss. Watching his eyes
      close for the last time is something I will have to carry inside me

      I truly appreciate your kind thoughts. Today, they do help a little.

      I'm just sitting here in limbo.


      • Laura

        Thank you for sharing! 😔
        Will be thinking of you and your beloved Colby!

      • Debsspot

        Such beautiful words Kurt. Your life is richer for having had him in your life. His gift will never leave you.

        • Kurt Philip Behm

          Thanks Deb. My kids left the nest almost 20 years ago, so Colby
          was my youngest child. No one ever prepares you for the loss
          when they're puppies.


        • James Michael

          Very well written. I know the love for a dog that you write about. One of my best friends I slept in a phone booth with when I was eleven, I had run away from home. I am with you in spirit on this fine poem.

          • Kurt Philip Behm

            Thanks Lawless. I'd gladly have slept in a phone booth—or anywhere—if it would have
            kept him alive.

            I appreciate your sentiments.


          • James Michael

            Let us all share the light.

          • Christina8

            Was very touched by your poem and your deep loss. So sorry, Kurt!

            • Kurt Philip Behm

              Thank you, Christina. That's very nice of you.

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