brianna jean zeiger

I do not believe in love- because of u

I do not believe in love.

There are no sparks. 

There are no butterflies.


You give your



Everything into just one person, 

Praying that they keep it safe,


But they don’t. 

And you become bitter, 

You will never feel the way you did,

Ever again. 


And people will come up to you,

And ask,

“Who broke you?”

And I cry whenever I want to say your name.

You hurt me beyond compare 

But it hurts me more to hate you. 

Because you were once my everything. 


But I do not believe in love, 

I cannot believe in love. 

I don’t want to be in love, 

I can never love someone like I loved you, 

And you took it all from me,

You stripped it from my heart 

And tore it from my hands.


I do not believe in love. 

Because love doesn’t exist. 

Only pain does. 

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