I am not a poet

I am not creative, I am not a poet.  I

Know it, I hate it, I'm not even close.  It

Makes me disgraced when I show it, this 

Poem I make, it may flow, but to

No one relates, only races in relays and 

Makes figure eights when it roams on these

Pages where it traces over these phrases it's 

Known then renamed them and claimed as it's 

Own.  This penmanship knows no erasers, so

Greatness of language that's taken from famed ones is

Shown and I'm languished with hope that my patrons will

Say that I'm dope and a favorite, and have faith in

My name, but nope, that ain't it. I've gained just a 

Slippery slope to anguish.  The language I 

Play with will show me no praises.  The phases I

Go through will know lonely roads roaming aimless with

Poetry wasted on those with no names and no

Taste for the way that I make it my own, til I

End up only to hate it.


  • Leisa Niamh

    Your poem reads well and I enjoyed reading it. I love rhythm and rhyme in poetry and don't always understand some of the more complicated stuff. I too am constantly judging my own work and never think its good enough to be shared with others. I do not consider myself clever enough to be a Poet as such but I do like having a go. Keep sharing.

    • b-LAH-que

      I'm glad you enjoyed it despite my cynicism, haha. I guess sometimes all it takes is sharing some more negative personal feelings to come to realize that other people can easily relate to them as well. Thanks for commenting!

    • sylviasearcher

      This one is amazing.
      The flow, the pauses and jagged edges of self doubt.

      Maybe start commenting on poems/ make friends and your talents will be seen?

      • b-LAH-que

        Yeah, you're probably right. I'll just appreciate this positive feedback in the meantime... Thank you!

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