The old world will deal with new feelings

The fog takes ground,

and the blur takes sight.

Because vision has lost it's light.

Europe has rope the world

in many stories not told.

The many secrets and the many more lies.

Soon the market will sell the news

to the consumer live.

All to just say today for the first time

the costumer is right.

Now all the birds come crashing down

to rotten land. Why would they fly"

if all is now in the floors,

that means it belongs to whoever gets to it first.

The one with most thirst can lead thirst to curse.

In the search to worse.

To a one's great market established

by conquer to a store that sells

souls and trows away all open doors.

The old world has rang its last hope,

for ever they had the most.

Now learn to be 3rd world

and have faith to cope And have strength

for you are now broke.

and like we you must learn

how to detach yourself from the rope.

Using love acceptance and not letting go.

Coming together and helping one another

like when you were poor.

Only then will you pick up a open door

from your floor

from you're core.

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