War’s Heat

War’s Heat

Innocence snuffed recklessly
Like a bonfire untended in the wind
The blaze seemingly more important
Than a kindled steady heat that warms
Short-lived spark of virtue left
Nowhere else to go but Up in smoke
Blown and scattered within fuming turbulent air
Choking off inhalations meant for song
Tuning spirit voices to wailing dark despair

The quick-pulsed raw reassuring rhythm
Of mutual hearts beating sincere
timed to dreams and common birth
Seeking shelter, comfort, succour
and human worth
Emerge like seeds with bated breath
for a warm and gentle breeze
To journey forth transformed
despite deep rooted fear
Reemerge suddenly out of chrysalis
Sun-dawned rosy vision crystal clear
Rising potential not yet winged for flight
Or valued in its sudden appearance
Within this ill-timed moment alight
guilelessly and without reproach
Niavely see solid ground and approach

Immediate relevance is obliviated
Out of the darkness reality is negated
Like a moth caught
in an convoluted maze
And too fragile in its beauty
to coax out again
Without undue patience or perseverance
Fleeing to our luminosity transfixed
Is suddenly extinguished
Flamed for its unwavering trust
And instinctive assurance
That light sustains life
Gifts of heart and hope
untried burned to ash
How many lives need flicker
and incinerate
Before our light finally smolders out Mary L. Hofer


a much older poem! 

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