There’s a dark Corner
In the back of my heart
It speaks to me, with sadness
And it screams out loud I must have you.

As I try to think
In the dark soul
My eyes start to cry
Hoping it’s a dream, am I wrong? Could this be?

Hoping that I can wake up
And see it’s not true, I awake and see I’m free as I can see it was just me. Knowing that I don’t have to be going through this it’s just too hard to hide the mark.

The darkness speaks,
You know you cant fight this
feeling unwanted and all i gave was kindness

As the corner gets darker
It pulls me in,
My soul start to hurt with in
As my body is disappearing, I slowly see a light.

My soul stays here,
While my body turns to dust
My bed empty as my emotions
Turn into rust
As my heart starts to disappear, I can only fill the darkness with my tears.



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