Blinded By The Sun

War's silver scythe slices the looming stalks to the ground

Silence in its slow, slipping fall until the crash unleashes an explosion of sound

Symphonies of regrets and hopes bleeding from a legless cloud

Stranded upon the sky


A child's voice walks along the wind, meaning not in words but in voice

To the parent’s stare out the tear-stained window while the sun seems to rejoice

Memories beating against the glass, but they turn away to tomorrow

All while trapped in the past


The rain has fed the soil, the blood has quenched its thirst

A body lies in its stomach, not the last and not the first

Gray gravestone, and grown over green grass and death lies a crimson rose

Tasting an unfinished melody upon a forgotten tongue


A crumpled photograph locked away in the beating heart

With a simple oath that from an orchestra of darkness

A small whisper of light will shine through

Into that tear-stained window, blinded by the sun

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