I tread water, but I am growing weak

As the surge pushes hard against me

Forcing me further away from the shore

Should I fight this time? I’m not so sure


Never been this far out without any hope

As salt water stings my bloodshot eyes

Dragging me down beneath the waves

Should I fight this or pretend to be brave?


Fading memories rinse away

The faces of those I loved

Their smiles slip through my fingers

I’m going down, going down…


…drowning in the flood

More pain less blood

Stop kicking

Let’s finally get this over & done


Sinking in the swell

Choking to Hell

Stop breathing

Now let’s finally get this over with


The tide is relentless & I no longer care

Turbulent water pounds my fatigued body

Pulling me deeper into the silent abyss

Should I fight this? I doubt I’ll be missed


This weight around my neck is too heavy

I feel my last moment has finally arrived

I slip beneath my last ever horizon

Not going to hold my breath, not this time


My final impression

My heavy depression

Drowning, slowly sinking

Into the arms of the Leviathan


© 2018 Unsub


  • sylviasearcher

    Unsub, I have very much missed your words and it has not even been that long since you last posted!

    I really enjoyed this peace.

    I wrote a scene the other week with my main character walking out into the ocean.

    Such an emancipation!

    • Unsub


      been busy with various stuff but mostly becoming addicted to an Xbox game called Skyrim!

      Glad you enjoyed,


    • orchidee

      Cooooeeee now! Ya don't have to drown. It's me with me boat, come to rescue ya! Ya will have to put up with me singing though. What, you'll jump overboard before we get to shore? Ya can't stand it?! heehee.

      • Unsub


        as long as you have enough JD I'd get through the nightmare of being rescued by the singing pirate!


        • orchidee

          I got some JD in stock on me boat. Ya see me on the horizon. I bought some tea/coffee and slice of cake too!

        • Goldfinch60

          Brilliant write Unsub but of course that Leviathan will save you as it needs to rise to the surface to breathe and of course it will bring you with it into the light.


          • Unsub


            damn! Hadn't conmsidered the Leviathan would need air!

            I'll have to completely re-write this now!



            • Goldfinch60


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            • Laura


              You’re either reading a good book or playing a great game. I can sense that sea monster throughout your “uplifting” write!
              Once you’re in “the arms of the Leviathan”, you’ll be too hot to handle! Leviathan has no choice but to rise to the surface! He will die...and you shall live! Poetic justice for the author of this amazing poem...FINALLY!

              I enjoy reading your work. I love how your mind conjures up these brilliant ideas and your ability to pen them and challenge your readers to interpret them! Ingenious!

              I enjoyed the read!

              As always...


              • Unsub


                I do wonder about my mind sometimes; it scares me!!

                Today I've posted a non-dark & depressing piece.

                It's Carys's birthday on Saturday so I've written her a poem & thought I'd get feedback before giving it to her in case it's shit!



                • Laura

                  I just read “Dihuno”!
                  I absolutely love your “non-dark & depressing piece.” I’m absolutely positive Carys will love and treasure your very thoughtful and exceptional gift! That is my kind of gift! 💝

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