Theta the scholar

I met a Symphony

Rhythm of you  

  Theta was here, he was done with life, no more worries or troubles he is now going to just be a note in their lives and for him that was alright.


  • I won’t forget you and I hope you don’t forget me

Hopefully I made life less terrifying and more of an innocent dream

  • For death stops by in my mind every once in a while

But I was abducted by you and you gave me a smile

  • I find that there is grace in everything that you do

You are clumsy and whimsical and yet beautiful its true

  • You fill me with bliss with your laugh and words you speak

Your sense of humor is amazing you make my belly weak

  • I met all these great people and they filled my life with notes

They filled me to the brim and clogged up my throat

  • To my friends and the girls I loved this is to you

There is a symphony in all of you and that is the truth



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