Waltzing on the edge of my memory's cloud

I've fallen for you she was whispering out loud

A girl in a million the one in the crowd

Who seems just too good to be true


Tangled up in the razor wire scratching my head

Is an image of beauty preparing for bed

We were so close to heaven I thought I was dead

How I wish I had known what to do


Swimming poisonous streams of regret in my mind

Switched to crawl when the backstroke refused to rewind

When she walked it was simply being cruel to be kind

Bleeding tears saw her slide out of view


Cascading twangs echo a beating heart's sting

There's an increase in volume for every snapped string

Disconnected in tatters the man she crowned king

Took his place at the back of the queue


The words that seemed so hard to say

Reformed to boom out yesterday

She showed herself making the day

Exciting hopeful new



  • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

    Tepo, this poem is absolutely beautiful. The rhythmic beat flows nicely enhancing the images you've woven within the lines.

    Loved it! Keep posting. :-)

    • tepo

      Thank you very much Tamara
      Truly appreciate the read and comment
      Much obliged

      • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

        You're welcome! :-)

      • Christina8

        Stevie, what a beautiful, flowing poem you have here! The images just dance through my mind. This is great!! Hope to see more!

        • tepo

          Thank you Christina
          Once again
          You humble me
          Ta much

        • Laura


          The waltz is my favorite dance! Reading your poem felt like I was waltzing in a grand ballroom! I enjoyed every step...almost as much as I enjoyed reading your penned words!


          • tepo

            Can almost see you in the gown Laura
            Thank you
            Your continued support means a lot

          • Santita

            This is so beautiful. I glided on the romance of these smooth rhymes. Sometimes we don't know what to do, but maybe fate offered a second chance!

            • tepo

              Thank you Santita
              Very kind as always
              Appreciate the constant support
              Much obliged

            • CindyB

              You are an amazing writer. I'm awestruck again - this has a pulse... a living, breathing pulse. Beautiful!

              • tepo

                Thank you so much Cindy
                Very kind words
                I am also grateful you took time to look back at some earlier writes

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