Sugiura Asuna

An Invisible Glass Cage (a kind of continuation of "An Invisible Glass Wall")


I panicked and pushed against the glass walls

Walls I had worked so hard to build

Walls I thought would keep me safe

I thought that if I tapped them they would shatter’

But now as I pound, unseen by the world, I realize that I’m now trapped


Walls I made

Yet I can’t break them, I built them to be strong

I fixed all the flaws that I saw. I can’t break them.

A beautiful but invisible glass cage


Caught, again, this time by my own thoughts, left alone to rot

Afraid to impose, afraid to appear weak, afraid to face the unknown


And so, I pose, picturesque, my cage unseen by others, but there nonetheless

And when others leave, without me, my fear comes alive, suffocating my brain

I scream and cry, and panic again, trying to break out

Of course, I can’t, or maybe with help I could, but yet again, I’m afraid to impose

When death creeps closer, seeping through the cracks just as my fear did

Asphyxiating my brain with toxic thoughts and casual forgetfulness, no, casual ignorance

A beautiful dead bird, caged by the glass

(optional addition, I didn't know if this should go in or not)

I gasp, rearing up, attempting to soar. Only to be crushed once more, by the heavy weight of fear, and the stench of rot

I can’t break them, I think someone else could

Once again, a beautiful dead bird, caged by the glass


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