Frost bitten

I hate the cold 

Or the fact that you loved it so much

That made me love it 

You remind me of the cold 

It brushes your memory across my face  

The first encounter that hits all at once 

That makes its way through your body 

Till you feel it down to the tip of your toes 

That’s the feeling you gave me 

In that same exact order 

But you get colder 

It starts to snow and for the first time 

Just wow 

What a sight

You loved me 

But you didn’t stop there 

You froze your memories 

To the very last touch across my body 

I didn’t mind 

You made me numb 

Numb to every delusional lie you told me 

Every empty emotion you had 

Till I was frost bitten 

And every limb that you froze your memory across 

Started to fall off 

My heart turned black and blue until

It went numb as if nothing was there 

Just emptiness 

But every first brush of cold air I still feel you 

Some times a brief moment 

Sometimes a snow storm that last for days 

So you can say I love the cold 

Or I simply loved it too much 




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