Pure Punk


Sex sells 
No imagination captured


Girl bands 
Boy bands 
They're all the same
Prostitutes to record labels
Enslaved and on the game


There's good music out there 
I have no doubt 
Please break free of Saturday night TV 
Sit in silence 
Do without 


Are you even listening to the music?
Or distracted by how they girate?
This molestation of the ears
Leads me to self medicate


Maybe I'll go and see my friends
And maybe smoke some skunk
Let my thoughts 
Become slurred
Like an obnoxious drunk


Sometimes I feel I'm loosing my last marble 
In a game of Kerplunk
For me, the only pure music left on this Earth...



  • Unsub


    Not really a punk fan but did enjoy your style of structure & delivery in this piece.

    Lawless is a big punk fan so he’ll probably enjoy this one.

    Rock on! I mean punk off! Lol!


    • Syd

      Cheers Unsub, I'm not a hard-core punk fan. I enjoyed a few genres but I hate pop. I went to see a punk band live the other week and they blew my mind. Such raw energy and clever lyrics.

      - Syd


      Hello Syd, (great punk name by the way).

      This is excellent! It conveys the attitude most punks have.

      During the Disco era is when punk really started to make a difference for people. Your poem hits the mark. It is frustrating to listen to what you described in your first two stanzas. There is a lot of great music out there in all genres. It's just a matter of finding it.

      sub is correct, I am a big punk fan and always will be.

      Fuck society!


      • Syd

        Thanks Lawless, I love your reply.

        I listen to lots of different types of music but I saw this punk band live the other week (I've had their album for a couple of months) and they blew me away. The raw energy and clever lyrics towards materialistic nothingness are superb.

        They're a two piece called Slaves by the way. The third album is nothing short of perfection.

        - Syd

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