Brittany Jo


How do you fix a broken girl?

pick her up, rebuild her world?

first you must find what tore her apart,

what shattered her pride, who broke her heart.


you prioritize and put her first. 

Save your cliche  “it could be worse”. 

You listen to her favorite song,

laugh and sing the lyrics wrong. 


Discover the sounds that make her dance,

show her friendship without romance.

teach her new things, and allow to be taught.

give her things that can’t be bought. 


Talk to her about the planets, moon, and stars.

listen to her describe her dream homes and cars.

don’t just tell her she’s beautiful, tell her she’s strong.

bring out the strength she’s had all along.


you give her a love she’s never felt,

you teach her how to love herself.

and that once broken, but now bright girl

will soon become her own world. 


  • George C. Biester

    I have someone that I have this relationship with. She is the brightest person ive ever met, and she is so broken. We will never be together again and that is ok, because the relationship we have is one of a kind. I show her love without condition, and she shows her appreciation for who I am. Its love at its truest form, and 10 years strong. Reading this was beautiful. Very well written and very well expressed.

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