The Retired Bloke

Clinging On

Clinging courageously 

To the branch of the tree

In the autumn breeze

A leaf like trapeze


Waiting for the final moment

The final component

Of the summer past

One we all hoped would last


The hazy autumn sun shines

A spotlight that defines

The last leaf’s outstanding beauty

But even then there is a duty


To fall into line with grounded others

A show of solidarity, nature’s brothers

A single breath is all it took

For the final leaf to fall into the brook. 


  • orchidee

    Well, the current PM goes to a church only 2 miles from me (when she's at home on Sundays, that is). We'll have to meet up over coffee after church and hob-nob, and discuss the state of the nation, she and I!

    • The Retired Bloke

      I guess you will have a lot to discuss!!

    • orchidee

      I shall dash to church, and stay longer over coffee at the end then, when I meet her an her hubby!

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