In My Down Time

Sometimes I feel bored,
with nothing to do.
I cannot have a job,
because of my seizers.
Sure, I find hobbies,
keep myself busy,
and try my best,
to always make myself usefull.
Still, what can I do,
to occupy myself,
when there is nothing,
to do around the house?
What do I do,
when I do not feel like reading,
or watching TV.?
What do I do,
when I feel lost sometimes -
when I can't help,
but feel anxious?
I pray to the Lord.
I shout to him praises.
I study the Word.
I speak power,
over all anxiousness.
I ask for patience.
I say,
'Renew my spirit oh Lord.
Mount up my wings,
like eagles',
and a peace that surpasses,
all understanding,
comes over my heart.

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