the bare exposed tree

this morning i glanced to the tree
standing outside the front door
and i thought to myself
such a tree should not be standing bare
a person walks their walk
coats, boots, hats and gloves
comforted , protected from the elements
they can smile at the knowledge of being covered
like a fire preventing a cold chill from occuring upon ones skin
goosebumps gratefully sit in the air
people are ok but the tree's cry
already stripped of leaves, cold every day
and the tree outside of my windowpane
sad shy angry and helpless
to the environment in which she lives
she is rigid, rooted, silent, unspeakably cold
she is just like the rest, craving for leaves to return
to solve, to help an unbareable pain
dissipitate the rainstorm
caused by a callous chill in the sky


  • Goldfinch60

    The Spring will be back for them and all will be well.

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