i cant do this anymore


Independent but I have people who depend on me,

Knew you were a fake, you can’t play pretend on me.

Got all the cash but still all alone though,

Get her for a night then kick out that damn hoe.

Hurting from the inside out to the core,

Every person that I loved hit the fuckin door.

People never fucked with me back when I was poor,

My best friend call me and I just ignore.

Calorie by calorie I’m counting up that shit,

Another stressful night, that vape took a big hit.

Nobody gives a fuck till ya rich or ya dead,

Nobody gives a fuck bout the demons in my head.

All my friends want some shit from me,

Thought they were the real ones but I’m blind; I can’t see.

They getting in the drugs thinking that shit is cool,

The only place I’m happy is when I’m at school.

One person asked me how I’ve been,

Said I’m doing great waiting to be yelled at again.

Home ain’t the same like used to be,

Locking up the door and throwing the key.

Parents putting all this goddamn pressure on me,

I cant wait to move out when I’m eighteen.

Switch it up now my friends are the fam,

Because my real blood couldn’t give a damn.

All they wish is the worst on myself,

All they think I am is a trophy on a shelf.

Breaking piece by piece and I can’t stay composed,

I’m tired of just keepin my mouth closed.

This anger building up and I wanna be free,

Sick of only having trust in the person that is me.

I just can’t do this anymore,

Living at this point is another pointless chore.

I’m the only person who cares in the end,

And when I’m in my grave don’t call me your friend.

  • Author: sad sunflower bitch (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 25th, 2018 12:36
  • Comment from author about the poem: We all have those hard nights where we reflect the negative moments in our life. It was a tad while ago when I wrote this, and why not come back to this wonderful site by posting the most recent one haha! More is to come! Thank you for the ongoing support.
  • Category: Sad
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  • Broken_kingdom

    When you're in the grave
    I'll still call you my friend
    You were there to save
    And i'm with you till the end

    So i guess maybe we'll suffer together
    Brave the storms and fight the weather
    Believe it or not you're the only friend I trust
    And losing you too, is to much

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