As I Wage War

It is the fight within.
Yes it is,
a fight outside of the body,
but most of all,
it is the fight within us -
within our spirit.
It is no secret,
that we all have an inner-fight -
Jesus against the devil.
Some of us may win,
and some may loose.
Still, those who have salvation,
will win the war -
the everlasting waging war.
How can we fight,
an external spiritual war,
if we cannot fight,
a war within ourselves?
For suffering produces
Endurance produces,
Character builds hope,
and hope does not,
put us to shame.
It is a constant war.
Still, as I wage war,
with the devil,
and with sin,
I often recieve aid,
from the Holy spirit.
I know that I,
will someday win this war.
So for now,

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