Tears Of The Musical Strings

In the roaring flames of isolation
Pangs of silence, crushed in agony
Overbearing facades of reality
Bruise the unrelenting voice of art
Broken, torn, provoked and naked
Shivers in the chills of fatal faults
Calloused fingers run through the guitar,
Strum the tune of musical hunger
For the poet to write in verse
the tears of the breaking strings.
The tears that fall
Will drench us all
In an ocean of nonchalant shame
He is one of our own
Like a dog with a bone
Won't conform to get into the game
The artwork he creates
Begins many debates
Music lives on forever it's true
Now the man is unwell
Help him out of this hell
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The winter is harsh
Burning our once silk of skins
He stands by his truths
That come from deep within
Universal whispers
Play out his melodies
In beads of shimmering color
A musical legacy
So we come together
With the lending of a hand
A showing of love
To a great artist & man

We got the 7" single, a long-playing album
The 12" disco mix
Just put it on the jukebox, grab yourself a lager
See what the needle predicts
We had the country and Western, a dodgy little section
With Jerry Lee Lewis and gang
'From A Jack To A King’, to secure prison wing
But, still, the whole tavern, they sang
Dolly Parton was queen
Billy Joel the boss
We were uptown, downtown, a little bit of Motown
With Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross
All the punters would sing
And you'd be joinin' in too
’Red Red Wine', 'Everybody Hurts'
And 'Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue'
So barman, don't be a tease
Now we’re down on our knees
Plug that Wurlitzer back in
For the hes and the shes
Then there were the tightwads, going to the jukebox
Put in solitary 5p
Worked out that Pink Floyd, anything by Meatloaf
Was longer than your 10cc
Arguing the B side's better than the A side
Denying what you actually put on
Pretending that you hate it, you don’t even rate it
But catch yourself singin' along
Neil Diamond was king
Elton John #1
It was a working-class hymn, but the one congregation
The Church really wished to be gone
Sang 'Give Peace a Chance'
With Yoko Ono and John
’Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting'
And 'Where Have All The Good Boys Gone'.

(I tried to write this with OUTBACK's style. Come on people, help a brother out!)

THE TREES* of WINTER* SOLITUDE* ! ( SILENCE )* - THE MUSIC* = NO MORE* _______________________

Ann..the strings heard strummed by idle hands withinn the music...they are all trying to mask their blasphemy...Lucifer is not the musician that his followers believe him to be...Music is of God.it is mathematical...a verbal equation...
the people who run the industry think that they own music completely...like you can't express yourself without using it for them to achieve monetary gain..insane are those who sell out for fame...in the world Of music, it is all one big mind game as this world,turns..
We run To the music to smooth our hearts and dry our tears each time somebody burns us...i

To open with music opens the soul.
We play the music but do we know what it means.
A story unheard by a musical fraud.
The story we hear, us true believers.
Change in heart, in mind, character.
A simple thought, we believe so dear.
The strong give way, and the weak grow up.
With this game called life, we face a challenge.
To change the world the way we see.

trying to find in myself
that place in my heart
where music will echo
and call to others.

In an instant
Out of thin air
Music came to be
To bridge the hearts
Of all mankind
And stand eternally
Hearts poured out
By fireside
Taught the depths of pain
They shared their soul
And healed our hearts
To make us one again
I look at you all
See the love there
That’s sleeping
Still my guitar
Gently weeps

The essence of energy that is
the frequency of perfection
never lost in translation.


  • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

    Well this is a lot to ingest, but your words speak to the truth of what was our music.

    Yet, the last verse speaks volumes.

    Great write. Lawless, and thanks for sharing it with us. :-)

    You are truly talented.



  • Diamond

    "Calloused fingers run through the guitar"

    A line as good as it came from touching your palms!


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