Come See Me Before Winter

Soon it will be to late.
If you do not hurry,
we may have to wait.
It will not be,
until another year.
So come soon.
So much has happened,
within the last year.
I want to tell you everything.
So meet me before,
the blizzards are here,
as there is a long walk,
and the snowstorms are near.
Even after the storms,
the weather will,
be bitter cold.
The snow can be,
up to five feet deep.
The sun does not stay,
as long as the moon.
My beauty, my love,
I want to be with you.
It is your love I keep,
and I know you want,
to see me too.
So I am letting you know,
to come before it is Winter,
and we may admire,
the white blanket,
that sits outside,
of our lone cabin.
So come before it is Winter,
so that I may love you,
and you may love me.
Come soon,
and let us be together again,
before we must wait longer.

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