My Thoughts on Perfection

Looks as though the ad 

Asks for a perfectionist

Wouldn't that be great, mum? 

Give it a miss I suppose


But obviously, I won't 

Because today I'm better 

Than yesterday 

And progress is enough 

Logos is enough 

I'll go where I flow

And fight for the truth 

I know 

Who I am 


Not always where 

but slowly I get there 

Just you wait and see

Don't ask me for perfection 

I'm no angel or saint 

I never claimed to be

I will never be made of gold 

Label me 

Wholly unimpressive 

If you really must 

But you can count on me for love


Don't ask me for perfection

I'll give you fulfilment instead 


  • orchidee

    Some adverts are just silly: 'Must give 110%' - which is impossible! lol.
    Do our best - we can do no more!

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