Out of love

You tell me you love me but I’m not sure you do,

But still, I say that I love you too,

You used to always make me smile

But you haven’t in a while.

You used to make me happy

But now I feel crappy,

It’s not that your mean, it’s not you.

I don’t know why I feel the way I do.

We’re falling apart and I don’t know why

So I think and I think and I sit and I cry,

Why don’t I feel the same way anymore

Cause I’d be lost if you chose to walk through that door,

Maybe I’m scared or maybe I’m bored,

Maybe I’m tired or maybe I’m flawed.

I don’t want you to leave 

I just need to breathe

I want to love you but I just cannot 

The feelings are fading and it’s not your fault.


I love you I love you 

I swear that I do. 

I know that it’s selfish but please don’t go

I can fall back in love with you, so

Please don’t leave me please don’t go.


  • QuietWords


  • Joe Dawson

    Love can be very confusing sometimes, hard to say why we change ours minds sometimes, hard to stay, hard to go - sometimes. A brave write and one I admire very much. Well done. Joe.

  • Hidden

    Never be afraid to step away.

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