I Loved You

You "didn't notice" my lead sheathed eyes

You "didn't notice" my forlorn sighs

I'm done with all your lows and highs

Your ignorance and guilt disguised


You seemed so sweet, I wish I'd known

How you would leave me on my own

And the hours I'd spend by the phone

You'd never call; I was alone


You'd ignore me and then text "heyyy"

Like I'd forgotten yesterday

Surrounded by my skies of grey

You left me with demons to slay


I used to be happy and filled with glee

But I showed you my heart and gave you the key

We're over now and I hope you see

You had and took the best of me


They always said that words can kill you

But your silence was a killer too

I hope you see it now we're through,

You never cared, but I loved you.


  • Debsspot

    His loss Jessie

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