Today life invites me to live

There's nothing in my life to look backward to with pride,
I screwed up every relationship I've ever been in.
I looked down right into the abyss
and saw Hades staring back at me.

My self-confidence is like the branch of a tree,
that gets more fragile as it gets to the tip.
My heart is stained with promises I didn't keep,
with dreams of a future I couldn't fulfill.

I need to find something to look forward to with hope.
A myriad of roads branch out before me all the time.
As the new morning awakes every dawn,
no matter if there's sun, snow or rain.

the mist opens up and the rainbow looms through it.
I'll take my chances the best way I can.
I will enjoy the trip and never walk back.
Today life is inviting me to live.


  • Debsspot

    Each day can be a new beginning if you want it to be

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