States of Ignored

There they go

Up stairs

Down, aimless

In minor key

Above me and below me

Shuffling the chairs

Low muffles of chaos

Out of my broken hands


I’ll tie a knot around my broken years

Leave the box as it was

To preserve time

And take up space

You deserve it


There she is

The life-waster

Sat on the floor

Looking back over

Old papers that meant so little

And now you mean so much

More than how quickly can I pack up my life?

But you always really did


She’ll try to plant another existence

But their minor key bleeds

Into this consciousness

And in complete silence I’m lonely


Show yourself

Or at least take me back home


Where we sung in major

And the thin walls

Brought her closer

To the comforting sounds

Or amplified the magical silence

I wish I was sat on a train again


She’ll always keep trying


I’m sick of having panic attacks

Over shit I don’t care about

Menial, banal (can I scream please)

Drag me backwards

Down every rabbit hole

That leads to nothing I ever wanted


Feelings I left to rot


But it seems they’re shitty plastic

So I drown and choke and

They’ll drink out of cardboard

So many states of ignored


I look up at logos

I’ll flow

I’ll be true

Flow with reason

But not for any façade


So many states of ignored




Is this where I lay now?


  • sylviasearcher

    I was unable to ignore this poem.

    I loved it.

    So many states of ignored...
    It really gets my mind thinking how much I focus too long on my own invisibility

  • Fay Slimm

    An amazing use of word here to underline the abuse life dishes out to some who cringe in facades until they resist those "states of ignored" - a compelling read AJ.

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