Jennie Devallon

A New Day!

A new day has come

A new hope has formed

And I am almost certain of the outcome

It feels so right, it feels so good

It must be right, it must be good

A new sun has risen to shine

And enlighten my path with a creature divine

To this I must incline.


I feel blessed

I feel stressed

I worry about the future,

I worry about the pressure.

Am I ready for the adventure,

Or even ready for this treasure?

I am afraid, I must admit

But I am ready to enjoy every bit if it......


A new day has come

A new hope has formed

And I am ready to conform

No one says it would be easy

But joy in the process makes it worthy

It's a long journey

Full of memories

And I am ready!


  • Fay Slimm.

    Such a positive and happy read Jennie - - your words are alive with honest feelings of coming motherhood and being glad with all it will bestow. Thank you for the glow left in my heart after this lovely read.

    • Jennie Devallon

      Thank you for your kind words dear.... I am glad that my piece of writing could bring happiness to your heart . May you be blessed!

    • orchidee

      A fine write Jennie. I'm in torment though. I married Kate Price (KP), so poets say on here. Married her on Halloween of course. Me life has been ghastly ever since. As for any children - oh no, not more replicas of her! heehee. This is my nutty side on here.

      • Jennie Devallon

        Thank you, Orchidee! I understand your concerns about a possible replica of hers but my advise to you is the following: enjoy what you have now because it will not last forever! Always remember that someone else might not even have what you have now, let along what you desire to have.

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