A Pair for Life

A Pair for Life 



The start of my life really just for show 

Never placed on the ground just covering toes

Different devices to keep me in place 

Buckles , elastic , Velcro and lace 


We run and jump we play as one 

I hold my breath as through puddles we run. 

Pick up your feet don’t scuff my skin

I want a long life not thrown in the bin. 


Through our lives we’ve danced  and played 

Keeping you warm and dry each day

Occasions to smile  with others to be sad

You changed my facade to follow a fad. 


Older you are with steps not so sure. 

Fighting your illness the one with no cure 

Comfy I am now only worn inside 

One last time we walked slow and tired 


We changed many times through out the years 

Going it alone or copying peers. 

Sadly your gone and in a box I will drop 

Given for good cause to the charity shop. 






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