Avalon Forest

These sleepless nights test my resolve

The darkness hardens my skin

My heart, lost in a sea of ambiguity


Walking in circles staring through the canopy

Watching the clouds run from the sun, watching…

My life, passing me by


I am lost without you, wandering these woods alone

Following silver breadcrumbs I dropped years ago

Leading me farther into the heavy mist


The scene is foreign; I have never been here before

The trail ends, I rest at the base of a tree

Lost and at the same time, found


A man comes down the path and sits at the tree

His back to me, I never see his face

He speaks with an empty voice and sullen words


You need to leave this forest, you cannot stay here

These trees carry enough burdens of traveling men

This is not the fate you are destined to meet


Get up my Son and keep moving, no matter the direction

You can’t burden these trees any longer – you need to move on

He points to a fork in the road:  ‘close your eyes, take one step, keep moving’


I walk for years, never opening my eyes, taking step after step

Until today, today I opened my eyes and my feet slowed to a stop

The sun beat down on my face and there you were


Silver breadcrumbs in your hand, smile on your face

Your voice pierced my chest and my heart began to beat.


  • sylviasearcher

    I loved this.

    It reminded me of a story I think I posted here but noone read. Until her last breath passed. Only yours had a happy ending!

    • TrystanBehm

      I just read it! What an incredible write. And we use some of the same words (canopy) and allegories to describe to very similar but different pieces of prose.

      Incredible how parts of both our writes, line up, but then also diverge almost as quickly!

      I really liked Until Her Last Breath Passed.

      • sylviasearcher

        Thanks Trystan. I wasn't poaching for a read or comment. It was just as I began to read yours it reminded me so much if my story.

        It was uplifting to read a better ending 😊

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      • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

        Very nice work..the imagery is exquisite

        • TrystanBehm

          Thank you very much Jason - truly appreciate the comment.

        • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

          "Silver breadcrumbs leading " wow so imaginatively beautiful and poetic as you wander then find. I liked this poem lots and it reads nicely. Kudos.

          Pleez do review/add your thoughts/comment under my newest poem too . I like meeting new poets and their poems.

        • Laura


          Our resolve is constantly being tested.
          That man that came “down the path and sits at the tree” does not need to show his face. You know who he is!
          You chose the “fork in the road” that was right for you.
          Your heart is no longer “lost in a sea of ambiguity”! Having found those “silver breadcrumbs” you “dropped years ago” in the hand of THE ONE you were looking for will walk along with you! Now two hearts are joyfully beating as one!
          An excellent, vivid write which was a pleasure to read!
          Thank you for sharing!


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