No Matter

No matter the darkness, no matter the night,

I know He who leads me is the everlasting light.

No matter the fight, no matter what my enemies wield,

I know He is my strength and shield.

No matter the rain, no matter the storm,

I know His grace and shelter will always be true to form.

No matter the climb, no matter the trial,

I know my God will walk with me every step of every mile.


May I live my life as He would have me,

Accepting His will when all of His plans I cannot see.

May I hold true when the world tries to lead me astray,

May my pride be found in Him and never waver no matter what the world may say.

No matter what the world may throw,

May I never back from the truth I know

No matter, for God, I will live,

And if for Him, my life I must give,

With my last breaths may I sing

For the only God above, my salvation, my freedom, my King


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