Heather Harrisson

You, me

I love you, but I don't deserve you,
So much of me is rotten, broke.
You show that smile that damn near kills me,
Such beauty, I try not to choke.

I love you but I know I hurt you,
The pain inside your eyes, it shows.
It's killing you just to be near me,
I'm poison, venom from me flows.

I love you but I'm evil to you,
Blood, tears, shouting, blank.
Maps of past mistakes engulf me,
I chose my cup, and from it, drank.

I love you, but its time to leave you,
With relief I greet intoxicating sleep.
I hope that you will soon forget me,
Live life in the peace I could not keep.


  • Neville

    Life is filled with regrets, I imagine most of those who write, touch upon this subject now and again... feeling sad is one thing, but maybe you need to be less tough on yourself... however, if these fine words are nothing more than poetry, then you have done a very good job indeed.... N

  • George C. Biester

    Beautifully written and expressed. I love the topic because it hits very close to home. I live to feel things, and this definitely made me feel.

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