Theta the scholar


Safe Havens

Theta was here, though he was drowning in the sorrow and madness in this world. His bed is always there though to mute the white noise and take a breather.


  • Static hurts and the static produces fear

Static is a professional at hurting my ears

  • As I watch as winter enters and surrounds my life

Without resistance for we all experience winter at times

  • But there is always a blanket, hug, or fire

These are havens that protect while we are tired

  • These havens take the shape of headphones beds and even friends

They help distract me until the winter meets its end

  • But I times winter gives a blizzard so violent and enraged

It picks me up and shoves me into it’s snowy cage

  • And I as a take my last cold breath

Summer sneaks upon me and gives me a kiss

  • Fills me with warm breezes and leaves of color

Frees me of winter and loves me like a mother

  • This summer was made possible by loved ones

Like an oven making a small warm bun

  • The bun tastes better and better as I get older

Until i no longer age and turn to ash under a shaped boulder

  • But that is fine for I no longer hear static

Winter is nice and all but is for the dramatics

  • If you are ever are in need, seek knowledge or are in pain

Go out into the storm for my Safe haven is in the rain


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