Samreen Chowdhury


It’s hard to let go of an existence when you have an attachment.  when you got hold of a bond, it’s never the case that you want to let go because Letting go physically is easy but the endurance from the outcome is pure despondent. Sometimes learning from your mistakes haunt you and the memories affect the peace in your sleep, the thoughts invade and caress your mind recklessly. Hearing voices of people in the past, those who bought you down, those who you Left you alone and those who kicked you right in the face while you was on the journey of hardship, still abuses your emotions today, like a war between the violent and innocent on a battle ground. Not being correspondent to those who are there for you everyday. 

I’ve lost my mom yesterday and today I fear who I will lose and gradually all my social ties will come to a end, sleep tight mother I still hear your voice between sunrise and morning when the birds sing. 

I feel your peace, I feel your happiness.

I was once taught to fight back, but fighting back has only consolidated and compressed into a ball which hits you back, to redo until you make it, but to me

I cannot push up my heart into my mouth on how difficult the situation is, how life is designed so carefully just so we can fight and fight until the very end.

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