It's okay to laugh at funerals.


It's okay to smile at funerals, 

like I always smiled at you. 

At all the clever and funny, 

things you used to do. 


It's okay to giggle at funerals, 

reminiscing your cheeky grin.

I shouldn't cease when realising, 

the room that I'm stood in. 


It's okay to laugh at funerals, 

I laughed at you a lot!

Why should a silly funeral, 

be the reason that I stop?


  • Author: Poeticpayne (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 9th, 2018 18:11
  • Comment from author about the poem: "He would not want us to be overwhelmed with sadness"
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    HELLO PP ~ Welcome to MPS it is a very supportive & interactive site ! I agree with your Title ! We call them A CELEBRATION of the LIFE of XXXXXXXX. These are best held AFTER the Burial or Cremation ~ OK We don't wear ALL BLACK either a bright tie / shirt / blouse etc ! Showing slides of the deceased is a good idea and always cause a smile. Friends & Family should be encouraged to relate humorous incidents etc ! This could work for a TEENAGERS Funeral as well as 50+ The funeral of a CHILD needs careful handling but should not be mournful ! I am a CHRISTIAN and all the Funerals / Thanksgiving Services we run at our Church have an Element of Hope & Assurance of Heaven when we shall all meet again. "We sorrow not as those that have no hope !" Also we have positive Hymns & Readings ! All the funerals I have attended and participated in this year have had an element of JOY. Thanks for sharing ~ A Challenging Title ~ Yours BRIAN

    • Poeticpayne

      Thanks Brian,

      It is so important to focus on the pleasure of having someone in your life, than the sadness of losing them from it! I like to think that joyful celebration of life covers all kinds of religious and non religious ceremonies. The one thing we all have in common is our human emotions and the friends and family we share them with. Appreciate your welcome to the site and kind words. Hazel.

    • Debsspot

      A wonderful light hearted way to pay respects to a loved one. If laughter was part of your lives it should live on. Great first post.

      • Poeticpayne

        Absolutely! You should not cut laughter out where it existed before, even though it hurts. Thank you for your comment Debs.


      • Neville

        You have just made a very important statement here.. we each respond in our own unique way to subjective loss and there should be no rules when it comes to grieving.... Neville

        • Poeticpayne

          Social conformity dictates our responses sometimes doesn't it,.... remembering personal relationships and being loyal to them is the best way to respect lost loved ones. Thanks for your comment!

          • Neville

            my pleasure

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